Supply storage

Optimal flexibility with storing supplies..

Renting an external storage unit for storage of supplies has many advantages. Many salesmen, webshops and wine sellers are using this option.
Receive and give away service
Waiting for delevery of supplies by a courrier is commonly seen as a waste of time. M3 self-storage offers companies who rent a storage unit the opportunity to receive the supplies for them (maximum two packages a month are free). M3 self-storage places the goods in an seperate and closed unit and when the customer has the opportunity he can place them in to his own storage unit. Reverse is also possible. The courrier can come to the reception and when the goods are delivered or send the customer will be acknowledged by telephone or e-mail.
24 hours, 7 days a week acces
As a customer of M3 self-storage you can have acces 24 hours a day to the storage unit. This can be very helpfull for companies who needs accesibility to there supply goods on every time of the day. Because of the optimal security the goods are also safe after the reception is closed.
Covered loading and unloading
In all M3 self-storage locations loading and unloading is covered and on a closed area. If needed there are multiple transport trailers availlable for transport from and to the storage unit.