Working material storage

An always accesible storage unit for working materials..

If there is a shortage of space for storing working materials, renting a storage unit in a self-storage centre can be a good solution. Working materials are not longer standing in the way and loading and unloading will probably go a lot easier.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week access (optional)
As a customer at M3 self-storage you can have 24 hours a day access to the storage unit. This can be very helpfull for companies who needs accessibility to the working materials on every moment of the day. Because of the optimal security the workingmaterials are also safe after closing time of the reception.

Lowest price guarantee
Because you probably will rent for a longer period it is important to keep the costs low. By renting a smaller unit and the lowest price guarantee this is possible.
Private loading and unloading
In all M3 self-storage locations loading and unloading is coverred and on a closed area. If needed there are multiple trolleys availlable for transport from and to the storage unit.