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Has your living environment changed or did you simply collected too many things?

M3 self-storage makes sure your movables or other goods are safely stored without any concerns.In many cases you can rent the exact amount of space needed at M3 self storage and you can always move to a smaller or bigger space without any extra charge. You don't have to pay for space you will not use!
Storage at M3 self-storage offers you the following benefits:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week access (optional)
As a customer at M3 self-storage you can have 24 hours a day access to your storage space.
Optimal Security
As a customer you will receive an entry pass with its own unique code. Besides that the building is  completely secured trough out 40 strategicly placed camera's and in every sinlge box a boxwatcher is placed which is connected to your entry pass. The entire building is foreseen of a fire alarm. The security system is connected to the controleroom of a specialized security company.
Every storage space standard insured up to € 5.000,-
M3 self-storage will do everything to provide a safe place for your goods, however we can not guarentee that something can happen. Therefore M3 self-storage has every single box standard insured up to € 5.000,-. This insurance is an secundairy household insurance. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisers for more information!
You can already rent a storage space as of 1 m³
At M3 self-storage you can rent storage spaces from 1 m³ up to 70 m³.You will only pay for the space needed and you can always move to a smaller or bigger space without any extra charge. You will never pay for space you don't use!
Clean, dry and ventilated storage spaces
All storage spaces are clean and dry because the entire building is very well isolated, ventilated and heated. Within the building the temparature is always higher then 13 degrees. Therefore also your archive can be stored safely.

Consumers are not obliged to pay VAT over the rented space at M3 self-storage!

See the pictures of the most common storage units here.

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