Extra storage space

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Do you have a shortage of storage space in your home and search for a external solution?

Renting a small storage space could be a suitable solution.  M3 self-storage offers a lot of smaller storage units (1 m3, 3 m3, 4,5 m3, etc). By renting a relative small storage unit you wille keep the costs low and can still enjoy a orderly home.

Lowest price guarantee
Because you probably will rent for a longer period it is importent to keep the costs low. By renting a smaller unit and the lowest price guarantee this is possible.
24 hours a day acces (optional)
If you wish to use our 24 hours acces, than you will have to fill in an application. When approved you can acces the storage unit 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Every storage unit is equipped with a movement detector. Besides this de buildings are secured with a acces control system and there are dozens of sercurity cameras. Read more about safety.

Every storage space covered by StoreProtect up to € 5.000,- per unit.
M3 self-storage has insured every storage unit up to € 5.000,-. It is always good practice  to check if your household insurance is covering your movables when you store them at M3 self-storage.