Free pickup service

Your goods picked up for free..

When you rent a 3 m3 or bigger storage unit for at least two months, the goods can be picked up at your adress to be transported to the storage unit. The pick-up will be done by a professional moving company together woth you, this includes a moving van and one mover. The maximum amount of free hours depends on the unit sizes which is rented. Here you find the maximum free hours for each unit size:

Storage size: Amount of free hours:
3 m3 1
4,5 m3 1
6 m3 1,5
9 m3 1,5
12 m3 2
15 m3 2
18 m3 2,5
21 m3 3
24 m3 3,5
27 m3 3,5
30 m3 4
36 m3 4
40 m3 4,5
45 m3 5
54 m3 5,5
70 m3 6

Pleae keep in mind that the moving van has a maximum volume of 21 m3. If the transport takes longer, the costs will be € 24,- incl. VAT (reduced price) per 30 minutes per moving person. For more info and the conditions please contact one of our advisors!