Why M3 selfstorage?

Why M3 self-storage?

M3 self-storage offers consumers and bussineses good rental conditions combined with a good service and an optimal security. Reasons to choose for M3 self-storage are:
Lowest price guarantee
  First month rent for free of free pick-up
  Storage items covered by StoreProtect up to € 5.000,- per unit
  Every unit a unique alarm (with connection to central)
  Free switching from bigger to small or the other way around
  24 hour 7 days a week access (optional)
  Covered loading and unloading
  Free use of trolleys
  Storage units to rent from 1 m3 untill 70m3
  Rent per month
  Clean, dry and ventillated storage units
  Free receive and give away service
  Several different packing materials available
  Many extra services