Certainty trough optimal security

As a client of M3 self-storage you want to be sure nothing will happen to your goods as long as their stored externally. To secure your goods the best way possible M3 self-storage only uses high quality security technologies. Your goods are secured trough:

Access control system
Every customer at M3 self-storage will receive an entry pass with its own unique code. With this pass you can get access trough the gate, loading and unloading area, access of the building and the elevator. When you arrive the alarm will be turned off automatically. When you leave the alarm will be turned on automatically.

Security cameras
On every floor and at every access point security cameras are placed, in total around 40 camera's (CCTV). The footage is stored on a daily basis. You can be sure nobody will enter the building unnoticed.

Unique boxwatcher
In every single storage space a boxwatcher is placed. A boxwatcher is an infrared movement detector that is turned on/off trough your entry pass with unique code. If you have not logged in and movement is detected in your box the alarm will be triggered.

Fire- and burglary security
The entire building is equipped with a fire- and burglary alarm system which is connected to the controle room of a specialized security company. Should the alarm go off, the security company will react immediatly.


Before the siging of rental agreement M3 self-storage checks the company or individual by Experian ( Experian checks on credit risks. When Experian gives a negative advice M3 self-storage will not rent an storage unit to this potential customer.

Cilinder lock
Your storage space is locked with a unique cylinder lock, which you can buy from us. As precaution only you will have the keys. M3 self-storage does not have any spare keys of this lock, therefore please make sure not to lose these set of keys.